Work with your brain,

not against it

This coaching is for those who are:

Later-diagnosed autistic / ADHD

Mid-career & curious

Looking to reach their potential

Willing to make changes

Our coaching
is about you

Everyone & their conditions are all different. So many mid-career professionals struggle with overwhelm & overwork.

Maybe you’ve had a late ADHD or autism diagnosis. Maybe low-self esteem holds you back. Maybe you keep missing promotions at work.

Whatever the need for coaching, we’ll work to build self-awareness & discover the real you.

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Don't just take our word for it...

 "I would urge anyone looking for help with their professional or personal life to work with Franck, after every session I feel energised, optimistic and its down to him. He is the best listener and challenges me which is SO important to allowing me to feel comfortable being completely myself."

Mhairi, Executive Assistant, Media Industry

"Franck has an amazing ability to hold up the mirror & push me to challenge my own beliefs. I thought coaching would fix ADHD & I would be able to thrive in the workplace. I now realise that was never the end game, it was about accepting ADHD & working with it, not against it."

Josh, Product Manager, Health Industry

"Coaching with Franck has helped me with thinking more generally about my desired life & how to achieve this. I would recommend Franck as a coach to anyone who is looking to improve their personal or professional life.

Markus, Doctor,
General Practice

"Coaching with Franck for my ADHD has helped me gain autonomy around my way of working. He's helped me create unique practical tools that work for my specific job & lifestyle. These tools I will be using for the months to come."

Amber, Account Executive,
Media Industry

"I've really appreciated being able to tackle a combination of organisational & personal issues through Franck's flexible, versatile approach that changed according to my different stages throughout the process."

Tom, Marketing Coordinator, Music Industry

"I would highly recommend Franck for anyone looking to better understand their ADHD diagnosis & begin to better manage themselves, whether in a personal or professional setting."

Nathan, Marketing Manager,
Events Industry

"Coaching with Franck has also helped me with all aspects of home & work life.
I've learnt why my brain is the way it is & discovered my own coping mechanisms.

Jason, Supervisor, IT Industry

 "Franck has helped me see things from a much more positive perspective than I saw before, helping me identify my personal strengths & looking at things in a brighter light."

Richard, Chartered Surveyor, Property Industry

Together, we'll look at...

What won't we do?

Where are you now?

Let's take stock of where you are now, what's going on & what needs to change.

What's important?

Not everything that seems like a priority is one. With new boundaries in place, you can go onto achieve your goals.

Who can I be?

Together we'll look at your unique set of strengths that make you… well, you! 

A 'list of tips' 

Coaching isn’t about being told what to do or given 'hacks'. Instead, we'll explore to discover your own methods that truly work for you.

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If you're later-diagnosed autistic / ADHD, mid-career & curious, looking to reach your potential & willing to make changes then complete the form and book your free Calendly meeting below!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to coach people outside of these criteria, and no longer work with students.

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🧠 Lived experience and later diagnosis of both ADHD & dyspraxia
🏢 Over a decade of professional experience at Cadbury's, Innocent Drinks & others
🧑🏻‍🏫 Over 800 Coaching hours delivered
đź“š Hundreds of formal, accredited training hours across ADHD, autism, stress & performance management
🧾Member of the Association for Coaching
đź’ˇOver a hundred individuals and organisations helped!

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