Hi, I'm Franck.

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Growing up, I always felt that I think & behave differently to other people, but could never quite understand why.

Later-life diagnosis of both dyspraxia & ADHD led to a journey of self-discovery that changed my life for the better.

Living my life in what felt like survival mode I navigated both burnout & self-doubt, despite knowing I had potential. As part of my journey I got coaching, and loved it. I suddenly recognised the strengths that come with my unique experiences & neurodivergence.

After members of my family also started to be diagnosed, I realised I wanted to be the support for others that we had never had. As a result I retrained across a number of different coaching disciplines to help be part of the solution, not the problem.

I now coach later-diagnosed people who want to make a  positive change in their lives. Together we’ll find clarity and direction by understanding what your conditions mean to you.

I had to learn the importance of self-management the ‘hard way,’ but you don’t have to.

You're not alone - together we can unlock the value in your neurodiversity!

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Recent Podcast Collabs

The Culture Hack

Franck and Matt discuss how understanding Neurodiversity can help a 'rising tide lift all boats' for all employees, as well as creating an inclusive environment for neurodivergent talent.

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Discussion with hosts Kat Milsom and Jack Suddaby on all things relating to ADHD and change, an important topic. We had fun talking all things emotions, time management, the importance of focusing on strengths and motivation.

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Neurodiversity Gold 

In this episode, Franck and Jude Morrow of Neurodiversity Training International discuss life with both Dyspraxia and ADHD, the benefits of Coaching and adapting to the modern world as it changes around us.

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MVP with Kate & Jack

Listen in as Kate and Jack delve into insightful strategies with neurodiversity coach Franck Brown. Gain a deeper understanding of embracing neurodiversity and discover practical approaches for success.

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🧠 Lived experience and later diagnosis of both ADHD & dyspraxia
🏢 Over a decade of professional experience at Cadbury's, Innocent Drinks & others
🧑🏻‍🏫 Over 800 Coaching hours delivered
📚 Hundreds of formal, accredited training hours across ADHD, autism, stress & performance management
🧾Member of the Association for Coaching
💡Over a hundred individuals and organisations helped!

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