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"Franck has an amazing ability to hold up the mirror and push me to challenge my own beliefs. I thought coaching would fix ADHD and I would be able to thrive in the workplace. I now realise that was never the end game, it was about accepting ADHD and working with it, not against it."

Product Manager,
Health Industry

“Franck's training session was brilliantly organised, interactive and inclusive. It helped the team view the world from a perspective of a neurodivergent person, which made the session particularly insightful and valuable to our colleagues and community.”

DEI Community Group Co-Lead,
North Highland

Work with a Coach who relates

  • Lived experience and later diagnosis of both ADHD & dyspraxia
  • Over a decade of professional experience at Cadbury's, Innocent Drinks & others
  • Over 600 Coaching hours delivered
  • Hundreds of formal, accredited training hours across ADHD, autism, stress & performance management
  • Dozens of individuals and organisations helped!

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