Feeling stuck when it comes to neurodiversity?

Are you...

  • Part of an HR team that's over-stretched and under-equipped
  • Responsible for a team of line managers
  • Leading a neurodiversity DEI group
  • Facing challenges in accommodating a range of neurodiverse needs 

Looking to... 

  • Train up team leaders on increasing efficiency & performance
  • Be more more pro-actively neuroinclusive
  • Champion and drive internal neurodiversity support
  • Empower and support team members

We've worked with...

Explore practical training for real-world teams

Lunch & Learn

1 hour

For teams seeking a brief introduction to neurodiversity and its implications in the workplace.

Half-Day Training 

3.5 Hours

For teams seeking to understand neurodiversity and its implications in the workplace.

Full-Day Training

6 Hours

For teams committed to in-depth exploration and comprehensive integration of neurodiversity strategies and practices.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Franck struck the perfect balance between being credible and approachable... We took away so much in such a short space of time. Thank you!"

Head of Creative Learning, DEI & Culture

"I would not hesitate to recommend Franck for any workplace Neurodiversity coaching or training needs you may have."


Sadie, Head of People

"This is such an important session and I'd actually love it if we could do this for the whole agency - I feel there are so many people who could benefit"

Minesh, Learning + Development Lead

“Franck's training session was brilliantly organised, interactive and inclusive.
It ... was particularly insightful and valuable to our colleagues and community.”

Jamie, DEI Community Group Co-Lead

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