Work with your brain,

not against it

If you're an adult who's...

  • trying to make sense of an ADHD or autism diagnosis
  •  fed up of not reaching your potential in the workplace
  •  constantly feeling overwhelmed at work or home

 looking to... 

  • navigate an ever-changing landscape with confidence
  • embark on a journey of self-discovery
  • transform overwhelm into excitement 

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**Please note, we can only accept Coachees who are 18 and above.**

"I would highly recommend Franck for anyone looking to better understand their ADHD diagnosis and begin to better manage themselves, whether in a personal or professional setting."

Nathan, Marketing Manager

"Coaching with Franck for my ADHD has helped me gain autonomy around my way of working. He's helped me create unique practical tools that work for my specific job and lifestyle. These tools I will be using for the months to come."

Amber, Account Executive

"I've really appreciated being able to tackle a combination of organisational and personal issues through Franck's flexible, versatile approach that changed according to my different stages throughout the process."

Tom, Marketing Coordinator

Work with a Coach who relates

  • Lived experience and later diagnosis of both ADHD & dyspraxia
  • Over a decade of professional experience at Cadbury's, Innocent Drinks & others
  • Over 600 Coaching hours delivered
  • Hundreds of formal, accredited training hours across ADHD, autism, stress & performance management
  • Dozens of individuals and organisations helped!

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